Strong Client Relationships

We find that the best way to have a good relationship with clients is with a high standard of quality for our own work, and always aim to exceed expectations. Below are just a few examples of what our clients have to say about our services and the high standards that we hold every member of the SOS team to.

Corderman & Company Construction

David Corderman, Principal

“Corderman engages SOS essentially in a partnership for demolition, final cleaning, and/or outsourced labor. We’ve worked with SOS for four years, and I worked with them ten years before that. We’ve been very satisfied with all of their work. SOS is highly professional and reliable, and they live up to their contract. Often when there are additional services required, they’ll go out of their way to make it work. They treat the general contractor with respect and courtesy, not only upper management but our field superintendents as well. SOS is committed to being in a partnership for the long-term, not just for the single project. Their pricing is competitive yet the quality of their work remains extremely high. If you’re looking for a partnership and for a competitive advantage, SOS Corporation is able to provide a product that will work to your benefit.”

D.C. Beane and Associates

Joe Gaiko

“I’ve worked with Cindy and her company for 15 years now. In our work, where we’re often demolishing and renovating occupied buildings (including hospitals), it’s important to have a partner who is sensitive to the situation. SOS Corporation is very good at determining what’s needed. They try to make the process as pleasant as possible. They’re sensitive to the surroundings and they have different techniques to address the situation. One time we had a water leak in the middle of a project. I called SOS at 3pm. An hour later, they had 12 people there to clean up the mess. They worked until it was done, and kept us on schedule. SOS is quick, responsive, and knowledgeable. As a project manager, you know the big picture, but you don’t spend time on the details. SOS fills in the gaps and thinks of the things you haven’t thought of yet. They provide very good value for the money, and they complete the job. They don’t just take down the wall and leave you with a mess—they have the follow through to get the job done right. When SOS is on the job, I’m all but sitting in my office with my feet up knowing it’s going to be done correctly.”

D.C. Beane and Associates

David Beane

“For twenty years, we’ve used SOS Corporation for everything from commercial to advanced technologies buildings to office buildings to semiconductor plants to pharmaceutical. They’ve provided general labor as well as demolition and cleaning—even high-tech clean-room cleaning. With SOS, you can pick up the phone and talk to the owner of the company 24 hours a day. That is the spirit of the company—you can be competitive, but you can also enjoy the experience and get the work done at the same time. SOS gets done what I need to get done, at the level of professionalism I need it done.”

Suffolk Construction

Mike Cappellano, Senior Project Manager

“We use SOS Corporation for their final cleaning services. They’ve done apartment buildings for us, along with a new inpatient facility at Boston City Hospital . They do an outstanding job. Their workers are skilled professionals who are well trained as to how to clean an area that they know is going to be occupied. They clean the corners, the countertops, drawers, cabinets, all the things that are hidden. They are very thorough in their execution of the work. It’s easy to take cleaning for granted when it’s done well, but you sure notice it when it’s not done well. The cleaning is the last piece of the work, and is the first impression for the owner. We never get complaints from our occupants regarding SOS’s work, so we know people are happy. SOS is very service oriented. Cindy at the top does an outstanding job of setting an example of bending over backwards to help her clients out. They are sensitive to schedules and aware they need to get in and out quickly because that’s what the contractors are looking for, but they also do a thorough job and do it well. In terms of responsiveness and dependability, you won’t find a better performer.”

CWC Builders

Bruce Polishook, Owner

“SOS Corporation has helped us with apartment buildings from to 20 – 200 units, combination new construction/renovation, and affordable housing for the past 7 – 8 years. The people at SOS Corporation are very professional. We’ve tried other cleaning companies, but none of them have provided as good of service as SOS. Their response time is excellent. On short notice, they can man a job for whatever needs we have. The work results are good, and the owners are happy. In all the years we’ve worked with them never had any problems with their work. SOS is a pleasure to work with. They make me look good.”




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